Livestream 2/17/2022 – RollerCoaster Tycoon

Continuing the journey of games I’ve heard a lot about but never played, up next we have RollerCoaster Tycoon. A theme park management sim much in the style of well… Theme Park! The focus is definitely more on building the namesake rollercoasters but also encompasses everything that comes with running a theme park.

Build rides, set prices, hire staff and keep your visitors happy. All things you get to do in this game and I’m not entirely sure why I let this one slip by me for so long. Designed by Chris Sawyer of Transport Tycoon (another favorite of mine), and running on the exact same engine, he stretches it way beyond that game which allows RollerCoaster to take it to the next level. Featuring a very robust track and rollercoaster design system, you can spend hours tweaking and fine-tuning every bend, loop and drop. Addictive doesn’t even begin to describe it!

So it was a great time exploring what this game was all about and especially getting all those great tips and tricks from the viewers. It helped me out a lot and got me off to a much better start than I would have managed on my own. Fun game and fun stream so check out the replay below!