Livestream 2/24/2022 – PSX on the MiSTer

There is no hiding how much I’ve grown to love the MiSTer project. For those not familiar it provides a very hardware-close emulation experience, resulting in something that feels like the real thing. Accurate emulation of many of your 8 and 16-bit systems, are all handled with easy these days. The cores used for these systems have been polished and are now great to use.

Looking to more “modern” systems, noone thought that consoles such as the Playstation or Saturn, would ever be possible. Seen to be just too complex to fit onto the DE-10 development board that underpins the whole MiSTer project they started out as a pipe dream. Give it enough time though and developers can work some wonders. And one of those wonders is a beta version of the PSX core developed by Robert Peip, aka FPGAzumSpass. While there are still plenty of things to implement and bugs to squash this version is very stable so far. I’ve played dozens and dozens of games all which have run with no problems.

So here we have the MiSTer yet again getting a huge boost in playable games (the US collection of PSX games is over 1700!). I didn’t own a Playstation myself at launch so I’m really excited to explore the library more in depth. And we played some well known games together with some people perhaps haven’t seen before during the livestream. Impressive and really fun so check out the replay below.