Livestream – 3/24/2022 – Max Payne

While many games try and emulate the experience of playing a movie few get quite as close as Max Payne did in 2001. Dipping deep into the crime noir-thriller with comic book styled story panels, and constant narration done go into the mind of Mr Payne and his motivations, it was something new. At least when I played it back then!

The game was also the first one to utilize the “bullet time” system where you can press a button to slow down time and make glorious dives while unloading 2 guns at the same time, John Woo style. The game holds up surprisingly well with design ideas still being seen in modern shooters. Narrative game design is something we are used to any more but the way this game does it was definitely novel, at least to me, back then.

While this game is somewhat unforgiving to my mediocre skill level it’s still really fun to play. Most people seem to have played it which helps make it more fun to stream as well. Check out the replay below!