Doom Gets Ray Tracing

You don’t need to spend much time introducing Doom. It’s Doom! But while the game may hold a special place for many retro gamers, there are many ways to play it on modern machines. One such option is using the modern engine prboom+. This is similar to gzdoom allowing it to run on current hardware at higher resolutions and many quality of life improvements. A recommended way to play the game on your modern computer.

This opens the door up to some more modern mods as well. One such mod is the one just released by sultim-t where they added ray tracing into the game! It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of adding ray tracing to older games as it often fits the “simpler” geometry very well. Look at Quake 2 RTX as a more recent example.

So what you get is a much more atmospheric, deeper Doom than you might be used to. Shadows are truly dark, the foreboding feeling of dread lurking around every corner. Ray tracing and Doom were made for eachother. I was so excited to see this I had to make a video on it so check it out below to see it in action.