Livestream 4/28/2022 – Starcraft

If there was one game to truly solidify Blizzard as one of the major players in the RTS genre it was Starcraft. While the earlier releases of Warcraft and Warcraft 2 brought them major success Starcraft became an international phenomena. LAN parties across the globe lit up pitting the different factions against eachother. Online matches were fought bitterly to the last unit. A new generation of competitive RTS game had arrived. Part of the esports world grew out of Starcraft as it expanded its reach.

While the multiplayer aspect of Starcraft is what gave it the lasting power it still has, the singleplayer campaign is what hooked me. Weaving a tight narrative that borrowed heavily from properties like Aliens and Starship Troopers, it set itself apart. I was glued through the whole campaign which played very different between the 3 factions because they were indeed extremly different. Blizzard’s polish shines through with each faction being so balanced even with those glaring differences.

Revisiting the game is a total blast from the past so check out the replay below. This was a hard one to stop for the night for!