Livestream 6/2/2022 – 3dfx Banshee

GPUJune 2 is in full swing! Videos are dropping fast on the official playlist for the event for everyone to check out. As a reminder GPU June was started by Nathan, aka Pixel Pipes, last year asking content creators to focus on retro GPUs. It was a big hit and a lot of really cool videos came out of that.

One of my contributions to the even is that during the month my livestreams will focus on a GPU each time. Normally I might stream a single game or an entire console library. However for the first one that landed on the, frankly gorgeous, Voodoo Banshee from Gigabyte. The Banshee cards came at a time when 3dfx was attempting to make all in one cards that didn’t need a stand-alone 2D card like the previous Voodoo 2. There were some concessions to not cannibalize sales however and it’s missing some features. A higher clock speed is the compensation for that and this model from Gigabyte was the fastest version.

It makes for a terrific 1998 video card and allows you to play a ton of games at respectable performance, all while enjoying that broad compatibility afforded by the Glide API. It’s a great card and the stream was a lot of fun so check it out below.

GPU June 2 Playlist: