Livestream 7/8/2022 – SimCity 3000

There is something delightfully charming about city builders. There have been many fine games in the genre but none hold quite the same esteem as the original: SimCity. While the series has languished in purgatory since the ill fated soft reboot from 2013, there was a time when it was still the undisputed top player. SimCity 2000 was a huge hit and I remember spending countless hours fine tuning my city for maximum growth. The bzzt, from the powerlines forever etched in my memory.

The sequel then had high expectations. Originally intended to use a full 3D engine that allowed you to get down on the street level, it was later considerably pared back. What we were left with was a true form, SimCity experience, that stuck to the “basics”. More or less SimCity 2000 expanded with modern features. While it lacks some of the complexity the successor had, it’s a thoroughly enjoyable game to waste the hours away with.

During the stream I did learn the hard way what happens when you still have disasters turned on however. Regardless it’s a game that holds up beautifully well even today. Highly recommended and check out the replay below.