Livestream 7/22/2022 – Super Game Boy on the MiSTer

The MiSTer is the device/platform that keeps on giving. New features are constantly rolling out since so many developers are active in the community around it. Arcade cores drop all the time and the highlight in recent time would be the launch of the full PSX core. We keep seeing new additions to existing cores as well like enhanced MSU support for the SNES one, just to name one example.

A recent addition also is the new Super Game Boy core. It may seem like a small jump from the already existing Game Boy, or SNES one but it does need it’s own custom core. Not only does it have to run the native Game Boy emulation the Super Game Boy provided but it also has to provide all the functions the SNES normally does in that scenario.

So here we have yet another platform to explore and enjoy. The Super Game Boy has some really neat games that were enhanced for it such as the gem that is Donkey Kong ’94. Enhanced colors, custom borders and extra sound effects are just some of the enhancements you can see. Not all games feature all of these but there are quite a few to try out. And you can do so today on your MiSTer. Check out the replay below!