Livestream 3/4/2021 – Caesar III

Last night we streamed Caesar III on the Pentium 3 700. Boy that was a fun one to revisit and I poured so many hours into that game back when. Still a blast to play although I think I had forgotten how insanely complex and deep the game really gets down the line.

Still I highly recommend anyone to check it out you like classic city building games. If you want to play or buy it today GOG is likely the easiest option and you can find it here:

Site Updates

The site is slowly… with an emphasis of slowly… coming together. This will take a while to represent what I had fully in mind but I’m hoping it’s a good knowledgebase where I can dump things about my findings and expand on things related to projects I’m working or have previously worked on.


This is the first post of the site which of course is considerably less exciting than it sounds. This site will primarily be a repository of information I collect on my retro journeys including files additional information I may not have been able to cover in a video and things of that nature.

Stay tuned…